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Welcome to my blog, a place where I hope to inspire and challenge you as I share thoughts, insight and ideas, particular with regard to interior design.


About Me

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I’m married to Tim.  We were married in June 2015  <3.

Starting a new life with him has been awesome!  I have 3 daughters, 2 sons, and 6 grands so far.  I love to travel, but I also enjoy being in my own home.

The house we live in is not yet fully remodeled.  Our two home offices and one bathroom are done, so that’s progress!  Tim and I both work from home.  He runs Ned’s Place, a music studio and has many types of projects.  I run DC 7 Designs on the other side of the house.  I get to hear his music all day, every day.  It’s been fun, entertaining and very interesting at times.


DC 7 Designs

Interior Design is a field I have been involved in to some capacity since 1977.  I studied Interior Design at University of Maryland (1977 – 1980) and took a couple of courses at Indiana State University (1987).   I lived a transient life for over a decade (1989 – 2001).  Later, facing a new life,  I found online learning the key to continuing my education (09-10).  I completed a diploma from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online in Residential Planning in 2010 which worked very well for me as a working mother.   This updated my skills to include AutoCAD drafting, Sketch Up, Photoshop and other technical skills that did not exist back in the 70’s & 80’s.  I now use Chief Architect, which allows me to build 3D models of my designs for clients to preview before building.

I do consultations, stage homes, create space plans, redesign and interior design projects, as well as small commercial and office  in the greater Nashville, TN area.


Sewing & Fashion Design

At the young age of 12, I was given sewing lessons when my mom bought a new sewing machine.  I also had a sewing class in 6th grade.  I watched my mom make some of her own clothing, so I was intrigued as a young girl, and was thrilled with the opportunity to learn a grown up skill.  I have been sewing for 41 years now!  I’ve made everything from baby to bridal.



I am an amateur at best, but I love working hand in hand with the Creator to provide healthy, organic food for my family.  I’ve had big gardens with only hand tools, so even that venture has been a major struggle, but I still love it and try again each year.   Some crops do great one year and not so well the next.  That’s the nature of gardening.  In doing this, I have found great healing for my soul and the perseverance needed to face more difficult challenges.



Having lived abroad in Hungary (91-95), Indonesia (95-96) and the Philippines (99-00), I have found that I love traveling short term.  I don’t want to live abroad anymore, as that brings a different set of problems.  Mostly, though, I’d hate to be too far away from my kids and grands.


My Dream Home

The dream I’ve carried for decades is to provide a home for women in crisis.  I imagine a farm that will provide learning opportunities like gardening, as well as time share of chores (cooking, cleaning, child care) so that all can pursue in a beautiful, safe and happy place the education they need to go on and support themselves and their families.  It will be a place where counseling, education and business/job skills can be provided.  Transportation will not be an issue.  Each woman will be encouraged to build a safe core of friends to support her efforts providing her that much needed emotional support.  I imagine it being a place of learning and growing over a large chunk of time.  I want this home to provide up to five years of safety for women who must turn their lives completely around.  It takes so much time and effort!

If it is truly God’s will, I know He will make some version of this dream happen as I devote myself to taking one small step at a time toward that vision.  Pray with me about this and if you can support it in anyway or wish to hire my design services, just send me an email to

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