High Point Market Bassett Furniture Spotlight

Here at DC 7 Designs we were recently blessed to be able to go to High Point Furniture Market and peruse some of the top manufacturers of home furnishings and decor.  We would really like to share this amazing experience with our readers as well.  Please join our photo journey today through one of our first stops, the Bassett Furniture showcase.  (and please be sure to check back for the continuation of our journey through the many wonderful showcases there at High Point)

2018-04-13 10.32.20Bassett Furniture was on the top of our list because they are quite a versatile and affordable option for whole house furnishings.  It was an awe inspiring space to walk through as they had so many amazing living, dining, and bedroom displays in both current products and new ones to come!

2018-04-13 10.56.57

Their modern collections were simply stunning!

As a standard their pieces are unique and beautiful, but to top it all off they have almost limitless versatility that comes from their awesome customization options.

2018-04-13 11.11.41

You can really make a room fit with your look and personality through customization.  One of the first displays we saw, that I immediately fell in love with, was this neutral room.  The sophistication of the monochromatic color scheme is softened and made so much more visually interesting by the use of the various of textures and finishes.  I especially loved the use of the mirrors behind the sofa as I had never seen it done quite this way and felt that it had a phenomenal impact in the space.

We saw lots of fun colorful options as well during our tour.  With over 800 designer fabrics and 30 wood finishes to choose from I love the versatility of mixing and matching everything in order to find that perfect look and feel.

2018-04-13 10.35.30

In addition to their upholstered furniture they also offer a wide variety of upholstered headboards.  The headboard and bedding in the one pictured above really blend together seamlessly and make the whole bed look soft and inviting!  In fact that is one of the things I love about upholstered headboards.  They really can soften the look of the bed as a whole and can be customized to either coordinate with the bedding, compliment it, or stand out as a visual focal point.  It really is all up to you!

2018-04-13 10.49.06

There are also many custom options for dining tables, chairs, and benches.  This look, with the different benches and chairs while also combining the textures of wood and upholstery, is one of the trends I am really drawn to personally!  (and the lighting is just gorgeous!!!)

2018-04-13 10.42.59

In addition to their standard dining table and chairs they also have a BENCH MADE line.  This line is all handcrafted in Virginia.  In the above picture I feel that the featured chairs at each end really dress up the elegant simplicity of this farmhouse table and chairs and bring it to a whole new level! (again…gorgeous lighting!!!)

2018-04-13 10.41.37

A unique and stunning option in their bench made line is that they also offer a beautiful live edge.  It is really neat to know that no two are just alike and that’s what makes them so much fun!

By also offering rugs, lighting, and decor they are basically a one stop shop for your home!

And lets not forget about the awesome bedscapes throughout the showroom.  I just loved getting ideas for my own future spaces!

Please check back in with us later for some of our other stops at High Point Market!


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