Multipurpose Apartment Living Room

Apartment living can be a challenge as you often have to make the main living area fulfill multiple functions with only limited space available.

Marlor Guest House Living Room 1

Recently I had the pleasure of creating such a space for a client of mine.  This one bedroom apartment had a main room that needed to function as a place for the occupants to comfortably relax, an office area for work/study, and a media center for entertaining.  The space also had to be visually appealing and comfortable for entertaining guests.

Marlor Guest House Living Room 5

I really love to mix the cool grey fabrics and finishes with the warm tones of wood flooring and furnishings.  I also prefer to mix up the finishes to create interest.  Color isn’t the only way to add interest, either.  We know that, but we don’t consider it very often from what I have seen over the years.  So many times we rush to find colors for a space.  Why not try textures as in this Living room?  In a small space, texture can add interest with out over-powering the space.  Think smooth + rough, etc.

The end result was a beautifully multi-functional space.  Even with the well defined areas the flow of the space is seamless and visually appealing.  Neutral colors were chosen for their comforting appeal with a variety of textures and finishes for added interest.

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