Stunning Apartment Dining Area

One of the challenges of apartment living is living grand on a small scale.

Marlor Guest House Kitchen 2b

I came upon this dilemma with a client of mine last year.  With such a small kitchen/dining area in their apartment any amount of space a chair used really minimized the feel of their space.  They also had the issue that without a built in kitchen island they were left with minimal counter space.  A beautiful solution to both issues was this counter height table with a visually appealing mix of traditional and industrial elements.  The way the backless stools simply slide right up underneath add not only visual interest, but maximum use of the floor area.  To top it all off the table is dressed up to make a stunning setting for two to four people, or clear it all off and you have a kitchen island with all the extra work area that provides.

One of my favorite things about being a designer is finding just the right elements to really make a space work beautifully for my client.

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