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As I embark on my own bathroom remodel project, I emailed one of my favorite Cabinetry makers in the Greater Nashville area, Gann’s Cabinets in LaVergne.


This photo by Gann’s Cabinets really is a show stopper.  My own plans will look similar.  I love the towers on both sides as they provide a modern twist to the old “medicine cabinet.”  For me, that means a place for cosmetics and hair products, personal items and best of all, easy access while still being able to use the mirror!

I’m a clean counter-top person, yet I want to just reach for my products and put them away in one quick motion.  Usually this means a counter-top full of items that I have to put away when a guest comes by.  I know- why bother since they have things too.   It’s my eye that desires the clean look, not necessarily theirs.  I would have a powder room but the 80 something house I’ve chosen to live in just didn’t provide for that and I’d rather spend my money on the cool cabinets you see here than on building a new space to include things I really don’t need.  The towers give me the easy access I want and hidden storage that I love.  It’s the perfect solution as it still provides a surface to set things on if needed.

I will be posting updates on my own bathroom remodel, but for now, here is a Conceptual Photo and elevation of my CAD plans.

Cabinet Photo

The center portion could be extruded about 3 inches and still not be in the door swing area.  I’ve chosen a flat front as I tend to stub my toes in the early mornings.

Untitled 8

I always do elevations for my cabinet maker.  It simplifies communication by having all the information he needs at a glance to create custom cabinets that fit perfectly!  The floor plan shows the depth of the space and depth of the cabinets.


Untitled 7

Before you do any work on your home, be sure to get accurate CAD drawings of the space.

A designer will think about your space quite differently from a contractor.  They focus on structure while a designer focuses on the space within, how the human interacts with the space and tries to avoid usage issues.  Beauty is just a part of that whole process.  Interior Designers have been trained to be aware of the requirements of the trades.  Note the plumbing wall behind the shower/toilet.  I found this by measuring on both sides of the wall and seeing the difference between the measurements in front of/behind the sink wall.  HVAC runs through the common wall to heat/cool both sides of the space.

Having a designer and a contractor is the best way to ensure that your design will have ease of function, beauty and be structurally sound.

Comment below for more information or to share your favorite cabinets!

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