Elegant Dining

Enjoying a meal with friends and family is such a basic way of spending time together.  Whether keeping it apart or integrated with other spaces, be sure to have extra space for expanding the table.  Gather tableware that you love.  Layer or simplify.  Change it up from season to season. 

It’s OK to not care what your house looks like!

Oh really? As an interior designer I think about what houses look like all the time.  But my own house?  I just forget about it.  Is it because it’s so fabulous that it cannot be improved upon?  Nope.  I live in a late 70’s ranch, about which I will share

High Point Market Bassett Furniture Spotlight

Here at DC 7 Designs we were recently blessed to be able to go to High Point Furniture Market and peruse some of the top manufacturers of home furnishings and decor.  We would really like to share this amazing experience with our readers as well.  Please join our photo journey

Add Life to Your Space

Plants add life to your space so utilize them abundantly! Photo by Brina Blum Including greenery in your design will not only add visual interest by providing texture, dimension, and color, but will enhance your quality of life by also improving the air quality.  Some studies even suggest that plants improve our

Multipurpose Apartment Living Room

Apartment living can be a challenge as you often have to make the main living area fulfill multiple functions with only limited space available. Recently I had the pleasure of creating such a space for a client of mine.  This one bedroom apartment had a main room that needed to

Stunning Apartment Dining Area

One of the challenges of apartment living is living grand on a small scale. I came upon this dilemma with a client of mine last year.  With such a small kitchen/dining area in their apartment any amount of space a chair used really minimized the feel of their space.  They

Mixing Upholstery Fabrics and Textures

A great mix of colors isn’t the only way to have interest and variety in your space.  You can also have a designer look if you are willing to place a special order.  Be aware that you will need to order at least 3-4  months in advance, but it is

Custom Draperies

Custom window treatments can add the designer touch providing something unique for the space.  Using color, texture, finish & style, you can have a standout look around the windows in your space when you customize the fabric, choose a hanging style, and  determine what the treatment hangs from.  All of

Artisan Stone Countertops

Beautifully finishing your cabinetry! A stunning improvement to any kitchen is a high quality counter top.  Expanding the island into table proportions ensures that this artisan stone becomes the showstopper centerpiece of this room. Artisan Stone, Smokey Mountain Tops

Interior Design in Blues

Blue is without question one of the world’s favorite colors.  Adding a blue color pallet to your room can help to soothe the mind and stimulate clear thinking.  This makes a exceptional color scheme for work spaces or a soothing atmosphere for a cozy nook. Adding a dark navy ceiling

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